Flower's Name

Our jewely gift combines poetry art beside flowers , providing the spirit of the flower telling how you truly feel with special person, every flower blending has its own natural meaning and beauty that you need to see.

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--- Meaning ---

Alstroemeria = Warm Feeling, wish happy and cozy

Baby Breath flower = Purity of heart, Innocence

Dandelion Seeds = Love's oracle, Happiness, Faithfulness

Delphinium = Fun, Big-hearted

Coral Vine : Cute Love 

Carnation Flower  = white colour ("sweet and lovely") or pink colour ("I will never forget you")

Verbena Flower = "pray for me."

Fern = Fascination

Honey suckle = Bond of love

Chrysanthemums Flower = honesty. 

Daffodils Flower = " The new beginning "

Dandelion Seeds = Make a wish, Friendship

Daisies Flower = innocence, pure

Forget-Me-Not Flower =  Forget-me-nots ask that you forget-me-not.

Four leaf Cover = Hope, Love, Happy, Luck

Heliotrope Flower = represents eternal love. 

Honeysuckle Flower = the bonds of love.

Purple Iris Flower = These regal blooms have long stood for royalty, but also for wisdom and respect

Lavender Flower = From their wonderful scent to their beautiful purple hue, a bouquet of lavender is always appreciated. Even more so? Their message of devotion.

Lilacs Flower = the first emotions of love

Jasmin = Love, Attachment

Lily-of-the-Valley Flower = it carries a message of sweetness. Though they smell delicious

Pansy Flower= thoughtfulness and remembrance.

Peonies Flower = about passive-aggressive. 

Red Roses =  It turns out that these are the perfect bloom for Valentine's Day, representing love and desire. 

Red Tulip = declaration of love

Sweet-pea Flower = pleasure in the first place

White Jasmine = Its scent is as intoxicating as its message: Sweet love.

Chrysanthemum Flower = Cheerfulness

Hydrenyea flower = Heartfelt and honest emotions of any kind

Daisy Flower = New beginnings, true love

Fennel Flower = Flattery

Fern = Sincerity

Forget-me-not flower = Forget-me-not 

Honeysuckle = Bonds of love

iris flower = a message 

lilac = joy of youth

Jasmine flower = sweet love

Lily-of-the-valley = sweetness

oak moss = strength

Pink Hydrangea = heart emotional

blue hydrangea = apology

white hydrangea = boasting

purple hydrangea = desire to deeply understand

Queen Anne's Lace = a haven or sanctuary. It signifies complexity and delicateness. 

Statice  = symbolic of remembrance. It also symbolizes sympathy and success.


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